Wet 2….

Themed 365 Project

The inlet at Manasquan is a great place to hang out during the summer, people are out and about enjoying all the activities associated with summer. Along with all the boats exiting and entering the inlet your likely to see plenty of snorkelers, fishermen, crabbers, kite-fliers, sand castle builders, swimmers and even a few drunkards.

The colors of this scene of surfers were pretty bland  so I  experimented with several looks and finally decided on this B+W. I opted to go with a contrasty look to really make the scene pop…..do you like?

Shot at f/4, 1/750 sec, iso 200 and 200mm


3 thoughts on “Wet 2….

  1. Neber mind about your loyal commenters, replace bland colours with boring black and white. The texture of the surf is great but I’m glad my life isn’t THAT bland!

  2. I think the high contrast black and white adds a dramatic or sense of excitement to the picture…I half expect Jaws to appear! 🙂

    Sounds like a fun, fun day!

  3. The black and white does give it a sort of ominous feel, like the surfers are waiting for a killer wave.

    You know what’s fun to do in your spare time? Imagine the comments that Ron might have made to Ansel Adams or Dorothea Lange or Yousuf Karsh if they’d posted their legendary black and whites on photo blogs. 😉

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