Themed 365 Project

I was perplexed by this scene the second I came upon it. I don’t know if it was their body language, the precise distancing between each person or the absence of any kind of communication. But these five people, even with an apparent common interest for fishing, within close proximity to one other, seemed totally isolated from each other.  I decided to sit for a few minutes to see what, if anything, would transpire. Well, that lasted about 10-15 minutes for boredom had set in. Not one bit of interaction between any of them. I don’t know, seemed kind of strange. Maybe they were all “in the zone” 🙂

Shot at f7.1, 1/250 sec, iso 100 at 17mm


7 thoughts on “Strange…

  1. It’s a great shot and your observation is interesting.

    I think fishing is often a very solitary pursuit. These guys are forced into proximity by virtue of the size of the dock but each of them would probably prefer to be alone.

  2. I wish a sixth person had shown up to fish… it would have been interesting to see how/if he would fit in. Maybe these same 5 guys come out every weekend and they just have fallen into this pattern.. or maybe there is unstated personal space rule. Anyway, the photo is well done… nice reflection in the water, nice capture of the space and I like how each fisherman is doing something different. It’s a fantastic human nature photo.

  3. I love how you caught a group of people who are each in their own world…this is such a peaceful image and the lines, angles, and tones really adds interest to this image! Another one you could sell!

  4. Hmmmm what do your observations say about us…?

    This strikes me as a very (literally) “neat” place to fish. Even the spacing between the fishermen looks almost measured out. The T of the dock and it’s reflection really grabbed my attention first off, love the graphic feel with those lines and right-angles. Really great image Mike and of course the B&W just adds to the cleanliness of this scene.

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