Themed 365 Project

…must be a feeling that many boaters have when heading out into the Atlantic.

I started processing this shot by  cropping some of the ocean out at the bottom and then since the scene was basically devoid of color, decided to convert to B+W. I then added 3 graduated filters to darken the sky and the water, then I used the adjustment brush to brighten both the boat and wake. I utilized the spot removal tool to eliminate several birds in the scene and finished up with a slight vignette.

Shot at f/4, 1/350 sec., iso 400 and 113mm


6 thoughts on “Emptiness…

  1. Seeing how you have sesicated the colour any way I would go back and crop the same amount of sky out then you will have a pano that tells a story of a long journey ahead!

    1. Not a bad idea Ron, just went into Lightroom and tried it. Initially I like it…whats good about lightroom is that I can undo at any time. Thanks!

  2. Love the monotone colors in this…it enhances the emptiness/lonely theme! You made this scene much more dramatic w/ your processing! Ron has a great idea, hopefully we will get to see your results!

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