Themed 365 Project

…is what I got when attempting to get this shot. Not only that but I almost broke my back climbing on the rocks to get to this spot. If anyone tells you to be careful when climbing rocks by the shoreline heed their advise:)

Getting good shots of scenes like this is a lot of work. Not only do I always struggle with my positioning, focal point, shutter speed, etc.  add in crabs biting your feet and those damn barnacles, you’ve got one hazardous situation.

Anyway, I’m somewhat pleased with this effort….the timing could have been better with the wave and a little more sun would have been nice but the result is not bad.

Shot at f/9.5, 1/15th and 17mm


13 thoughts on “Wet…

  1. Those crab bites were well worth it…this is just breathtaking and so realistic…I can feel the water spraying in my face (and thank goodness, can’t feel those crabs biting my ankles)! 🙂

  2. Wonderful result for all your effort and risk-taking.

    I’m fascinated that you say you struggle with positioning, etc… because your images always make me feel that it all comes as second nature to you.

  3. I don’t see how the sun could improve this photo! The moss is so rich looking and the spray so silky. Sun could have been a distraction or just created a different mood. I like hearing of your struggles… at least I know that their is human behind all that perfection!

  4. Outstanding! I’d sure be more that ‘somewhat pleased’ if I made this shot. I don’t know that sun would have been kind to the lichen and moss on the rock.

  5. More beautiful coastline – I need to move!

    You should indeed be pleased with this, so well done I feel like I’m there. Find the tones of the greens and goldy oranges so beautiful and I’ve always loved the water slowed down. Absolutely perfect to look at!

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