Themed 365 Project

Sometimes you just know when a shot is just going to be perfect for HDR. The colors, lighting and composition were there, the only issue I was concerned about with this 3 shotter was the reflection from the window at the gate. I contemplated attaching a polarizer but shutter speeds were already close to slow motion and even with my steady hands that would put camera shake over the top.

So, I just went with it and the result is not bad. Sometimes you just have to go with what you’ve got and hope for the best. In this case it worked. BTW our flights were hassle-free and yes I was able to keep my overhead luggage far from all flight attendants. Phew!


6 thoughts on “Flight…

  1. Delta Dawn what’s that HDR you have on?
    Could it be a Boomer shot from days gone by?
    And did I hear you say he was flying on you today, to take him to that castle in the sky!

  2. Mike, I figure you’re the only person I know who can turn an airport scene like this into art. 😉 I really like how you composed this, the lines are all really appealing. Awesome….

  3. LOL Glad no one pulled the emergency exit! 🙂

    What a way to turn the ordinary into a masterpiece…those colors are stunning!

  4. Love the shot, especially the texturing of the tarmac.

    McCarran D terminal, bleh. You take ATL for advantage after a while. But no way, no how can you get sunsets like those out west. Thank’s for sharing Mike!

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