Themed 365 Project

After watching dance after dance at my daughters dance competition I had to turn my attention to something different, I noticed the elaborate mixing board and loved the simple but effective lighting on the multitude of sliders. Not too exciting but it brought back a little bit of sanity and made for an effective take on the theme.

Camera settings: f/4, 1/45 sec at 200mm and an iso setting at 800. Post processing introduced the grain and the antique greyscale look.


6 thoughts on “Mixed…

  1. Another triumph over poor lighting Mike, I don’t believe watching your beautiful Daughter dancing threatened your sanity in the slightest! – To me that was always in doubt, well before the dance began LOL

      1. 99 Clod Hoppers can’t dim the brilliance of the star in your eyes. At my Army graduation my Mum was heard to say “Look at my Ronny, the only one in step”! LOL

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