Themed 365 Project

I haven’t been camping in probably 25 years so when my daughters friend asked us to go to Stokes State Forest I was pretty excited. We arrived on Friday afternoon, set up camp and then went on a hour or so hike through the woods. After we got back everyone was ravenous so my friend Rob and I got ready to cook a steak dinner. As we were waiting for the grill to calm down everyone else disappeared so I snapped a few.

6 thoughts on “Emptiness….

  1. Mike, your campsite looks so inviting – and colorful, too. I can just imagine you enjoying the campfire later in the evening.

  2. Where is Smokey the Bear, when you really need him? Look at the size of those conflagrations! What were you cooking Moose carcasses, if the forestry people saw that, you’d be a gone Boomer! Picturesque but super dangerous.

  3. What a homey little camp…I can almost smell those steaks a grillin’! Funny how everyone disappears to investigate! Looks like a fun trip!

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