Mixed Feelings….

Themed 365 Project

There are times when nature provides a stunning color palette for all the world to see, and certainly  Zion is one of those places. But I also believe many of these extraordinary places can be fantastic to look at from a monochrome perspective(although Ron might not agree!).

What do you think? You’ve seen my other Zion shots in full color, are these visually more appealing?  I’m thinking of framing these as a triptych, yes no, can you do that with 2 landscape perspectives and 1 vertical perspective? Let me know….


8 thoughts on “Mixed Feelings….

  1. I love black and white and these would look great being framed as a group…with that being said, I am absolutely in love with the color and lighting in the other images – the color gets my vote this time!

  2. the colored ones are great but on these the structure of the rocks are more in focus and the mountains look more mighty. From my point of wiew that is 😉 for framing I would choose one of the colored 🙂

  3. Just my opinion, but I think I would go with the color shots. I think because they are just so rich and full of detail and life. Your color shots are just so darn beautiful that it is hard to reconfigure my mind to the b/w!!

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