In Shadows II…

Themed 365 Project

Sometimes you just have to tell your family that you’ll meet them later……. This was one shot I had to get and I needed time to get everything set-up properly to make it work. I also didn’t know how much time I had before I lost the sun.  This shot of  The Watchman(?) and the Virgin River was difficult because of the extreme range of light…..I think I fell one shot short on the bright end to making this perfect.


9 thoughts on “In Shadows II…

  1. I have a lot of difficulty when trying to shoot similar things. I just can’t figure the adjustments quick enough before, like you say that beautiful light disappears. I think you did well, I really love the reflection of the rocks in the water, so warm and golden. If you find some good directions or settings or something for this, please share with everyone. This too looks like an amazing place to just sit and absorb the light as well as shoot it.

  2. You could honestly sell these Zion Park images, each and every one of them are leaving me speechless! The lighting in this one is incredible….absolutely breathtaking!

  3. Piffle Mike, I don’t know nothing about perfect, but any better capture of impossible light conditions would drive the viewer blind and you insane. Let’s just call this perfect and be done with it.

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