In Shadows….

Themed 365 Project

Came upon this scene at the very beginning of our hike in The Narrows. Another example of the harsh lighting conditions I experienced while photography Zion. I’ve been utilizing the Fuse feature of Photomatix to maintain the natural look of these shots. Managed to get the silky water through an f13, 4sec setting on my camera.


6 thoughts on “In Shadows….

  1. Silky water like that makes you a pro! Perfect photo for the theme in Shadows — it’s so easy to imagine what this image would like if you didn’t process using Photomatrix.

  2. I van’t speak for Jens but I thought you only picked up Talen intravenously, like my Wild Turkey! Another triumph of conquouring light mike, the silk water was just showing off Ha. How many exposures of 4 sec did it take just 1 or the standard 5 bracket? Please.

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