Themed 365 Project

At 6’4″ I generally, with the exception of a few professional basketball players, never feel tiny. But when you walk through the canyons of The Narrows in Zion you are a mere speck in the prodigious  landscape of this park. These hikers definitely provide the viewer with a clear perspective of the theme.

This was about as far as my brother and I could walk before  we had to meet up with the rest of our families. It was approx 3 miles into the 13 mile hike, we hated to stop because as you can see, every few hundred yards there was another bend in the river and I always wanted to see what was on the other side. Plus it appeared to be getting more and more narrow……I keep thinking about those signs posted everywhere……BEWARE…flash floods are always possible!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Tiny…

  1. Looks like a very diminutive 6’4″ to me Wonderful image love the texture and contrast. There would be no way of getting that much detail in such dim light without HDR from multi exposures, or the sky would be blown any which way. Great Job I can almost say I’ve neem there now!

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