Themed 365 Project

The Paris is not one of my favorite hotels in Vegas but I have to admit the lobby is rather elegant. This was probably not a scene that needed HDR processing but tonemapping definitely brought out the highlights and colors of the scene, most specifically, the gold on the walls and the lights of the chandeliers.

A quick tip for all the novice HDR photographers out there…..tonemapping has a tendency to over-saturate the reds, greens and yellows in scenes with these colors, so, I generally lower the saturation of these colors in individually in Lightroom . This shot is a perfect example.


4 thoughts on “Fancy…

  1. Another winner Mike and you are right about that Lobby not needing HDR I think the Wall Gilding is just French BS, but the chandelliers are an absolute treat. Can you drop me a link that explains Bit Mapping more please. I only run PSE7 and can’t afford Lightroom yet but If I understood it more I might part with the moolah for photomatix.

    1. You want to know more about bit-mapping? Photomatix is the software for blending multiple exposures to create a high dynamic range image. My knowledge of bits is that the more the better, lightroom works with 16 bit images which are images that contain more information which theoretically give you more latitude for processing,,,,,,I think?

  2. Thanks for the tip on tone mapping, I’m putting that in my notes!

    You captured every wonderful little bit of elegance in this lobby…HDR would have brought out the details more, but with the great clarity in this image it feels like I could just walk up and register! Beautifully processed!

  3. Absolutely stunning. I love that you can see the depth on each and every decoration. It makes me want to run my hand over the gold roping. Wonderful work Mike.

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