Depth of Field…

Themed 365 Project

Shooting Zion….. how hard could  it be? You have fantastic scenery, great colors, beautiful skies, moving water, wildlife, you’ve got it all! Well, it turned out to be much more difficult than I thought. You see, the dynamic range of light within the park was off the charts. No way a single exposure could ever cover the range of light I experienced in most shots. In fact, even after several hours of shooting I still missed some great scenes because I didn’t bracket enough shots.

The big decision was to bring or not bring the tripod. After some observation of the conditions, I think I need it. After my family gives me grief, I better not bring it. And the decision is???????????????????? Bring it! And I’m glad I did because 90% of the shots I took required multiple exposures. This shot is a composite of 4 bracketed exposures which required quite a bit of processing. And this isn’t even the most extreme conditions I encountered. After all my thoughts were focused on how many brackets to take I totally forgot about depth of field, so at f8 I’m thinking that I could have gotten more of the scene in focus with something like f16.

Looking back on shooting Zion…..I learned quite a bit about how difficult it can be to shoot this “easy to shoot” natural wonder.


9 thoughts on “Depth of Field…

  1. This is awe inspiring Mike and the read helps with my appreciation of what it took to gett it. Timing is all I saw Jinky’s shot, then yours so had to post mine as the vision went on and on as yours doe, I also answered your query when you commented, sorry for the delay, I must be getting old as I needed to sleep. LOL

  2. For the second time today in visiting blogs I am so glad that HDR has champions. This is beautiful and it couldn’t be shared in any other way I think. I’m glad you brought your tripod, it isn’t like you made your kids carry it is it?

  3. Mike, you are absolutely right in how hard Zion is to shoot. I think of all the places I visited during our big trip in Fall of 2008 — I had the worst shots from Zion. I appreciate your experiments/lessons on how you managed to get such an excellent shot. Is this taken at the short walk at the end of the shuttle bus line? And good call on the tripod.

    1. This was taken at the Narrows which is the last stop on the shuttle. The trail is paved up to a certain point and then your in the river, if I remember correctly this was near the beginning of walking in the river. We walked a good 3-4 miles and the further you go the more narrow it gets. So it’s still quite wide in the shot, so probably near the start of the river hike.

      1. That’s where I thought it was! I had forgotten its name. Anyway, this is an awesome photo… the more I look at the more I think that.

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