Themed 365 Project

This is what it’s like after walking “The Strip” in 104 degree heat….. We were barely conscious by the time we got back to the hotel.


10 thoughts on “Blur….

  1. Is this a purpossful shot Mike, all yours are normally so crisp, what gives or is this just Art I have no idea about, and don’t like really. This is the type of image that goes straight into my trash can.

    1. Well Ron, you should know that strict adherence to the photowalk rules prohibits stretching any of the themes! I have not nor will not deviate from the requirement of the challenge=)
      The theme says blur so I shot blur, no manipulation here….I’m telling you it was HOT!

      1. I can feel Julie and the committee scrutinizing this shot over the days ahead Mike, When you least expect it there will be a knock on the door. I think also that your move to N.J. won’t improve things – Red Skies at Morning, Photographers WARNING! It aint getting any colder. LOL (Trust you to have an answer up your sleeve LOL)

  2. Ha-ha! I do actually like this photo. The figure(s) in the yellow shirt make the scene worthwhile. So will you tell us if you made this blur in the camera or is this from post-processing? I’m guessing post-porcessing since it is such an even blur. Please reveal your secret!

  3. Judi…. thanks, it helps when your walking on one of those people movers and there’s a slight bounce….. my tip of the day.

  4. I love the colors and the underwater quality of it all. I’ve been to Vegas in August – I can attest to the heat – it was just like this. Your interpretation of the theme passes with flying colors.

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