Themed 365 Project

Well, I’ll let you make the decision whether the Strip is more alive at night or in the morning! It certainly is more difficult to shoot at night handholding. I think I only brought out my tripod once and there was so many people walking about you couldn’t even utilize it.

This is a 3 shot hdr with some burning and a slight vignette correction adjustment.


2 thoughts on “Night

  1. I like this a lot. It looks great. Since I have been there it makes it really easy to get the feel. By that I mean, your picture really brings back the memories, the sights the sounds, smells, and that is just what photos should do. And then there is this blurry memory of some frozen drink…..

  2. Womderful dusk/dawn shot, I particularly like that you featured tour favourite singer too. Don’t you think though that this shot makes Vegas look “Plastic” where as your day shits and interiors give the place a reality that I wasn’t expecting?

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