More Discovery…

Themed 365 Project

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Trying something new with a slideshow as I couldn’t get the 3 shots to line up in a row in one post. If anyone knows how, I’m all ears. Anyway, the next morning I went exploring the City Center and discovered all kinds of great angles to photograph this “city within a city”. I’ve tried these shots in B+W and my post them as well. All these shots are single shots with little processing. I wish I had more knowledge of architectural photography before capturing these.

5 thoughts on “More Discovery…

  1. I am really looking forward to the black and whites, I think it will show off those clean lines and angles even more! Very cool images!

  2. Wonderfully stacked Butterboxes Mike and I love the angles too, but your making fun of me with the B&W comment as these are B&W if you disregard the Blue Sky LOL, I think for the three in a row you need to use a wide based theme, so stay with the slideshow – That’s Effective.

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