Themed 365 Project

Night.jpg, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

We’re finally back home…I know that sounds like we didn’t enjoy our trip and that couldn’t be farthest from the truth but it’s always nice to be home. I want to thank my brother and his family for having us, you guys are the best and treated us like kings(and queens). THANK YOU!
We arrived in Vegas about midnight and found this view from our balcony from the Signature @ MGM Grand. Within viewing distance is the Planet Hollywood hotel and residences, the Polo Towers, the Carriage House and City Center.

4 thoughts on “Night

  1. I just love this shot…there is nothing like the glamour of the Vegas strip for night shots! Awesome!

  2. Yea its a tough job being in Vegas, with all of those Prime Rib dinners and buffets. I love this image as well as the others. It seems so familiar now that I have been there several times. My daughter got married there in November. You caught the lights so well too.

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