The Great Outdoors

Themed 365 Project

The Great Outdoors, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

You’ve seen many a photo by me from the Manasquan Reservoir and this is a great example of the many outdoor activities available at this park. On any given day you can find many people engaging in some recreational activity here.
This is a single shot lightly processed with Topaz Adjust to bring out the details and finished with some dodging and burning in Lightroom.


6 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors

  1. What a beautiful trail for a jog…I can smell that fresh air! I love how peaceful this composition is with all of the tones of greens and that river running right beside the trail!

  2. Nice shot of a really pretty place. What I like best about this photo is…well, the people in it… again you prove that people make a scene more interesting. Also, like the sweat on the t-shirts, since the shot looks more spontaneous. And they look to be father and son, nice for Father’s day.

  3. My Army Theme Spng-
    I do not run run I do not Run!
    The Army tried to make me but I just stood still:
    I do not run run I do not Run!
    They’ve never made me and they never will:
    I do not run run I do not Run!

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