Ball…. softball that is!

Themed 365 Project

Ball, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Well, the season has finally ended. This shot is of my daughter Erica, pitching during the championship game. Although they lost the game Erica had an outstanding season and showed some pretty significant skills for only her second year. We will be getting her some pitching lessons over the summer and I already know she just can’t wait!
Great effort this year Erica!


6 thoughts on “Ball…. softball that is!

  1. What a wonderful portrait of your star pitcher…I love the concentration in her face and the hint of motion! Isn’t it fun to watch them as they grow and improve??

  2. I like how the whole photo seems to point at Erica — is it a special Vignette treatment or some other trick? I also like the look on her face — can really see how she’s concentrating.

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