Complex 2

Themed 365 Project

Complex 2, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

We took the kids to their first major concert last night, Bon Jovi and got to see the new Meadowlands Sports Complex. Nice huh? Well this is the old Giants Stadium and it is on its way down. We’ve seen quite a few great concerts here over the years…..Elton John and Billy Joel, Van Halen, The Rolling Stones and certainly Bruce Springsteen. I was looking forward to seeing the new stadium and we’ll see a few from there as well.

I know this isn’t the best perspective of the old stadium but sometimes options are limited in cicumstances such as these.


5 thoughts on “Complex 2

  1. Oh fun…we saw Bon Jovi last year…that is a great concert! Boys talked me into taking them to Nickelback last week…we
    were rockin’! 🙂 Looks like a fun place for a concert!

  2. Nice shot, my son had season tickets for the Jets there so I made a few games. I had season tickets at the old Shea Stadium. Brings back memories of the long trip back to Long Island.

  3. Saw the Giants there once. I think I see my seat about twelve rows from the top. I would guess the concert was one to remember – especially since I think it was the first one in the new stadium!

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