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Surface, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

I drove back up to North Jersey yesterday to drop my parents off at a party ( A new part to the cycle in my life) and had just enough time to go to the Ramapo Reservation for a few shots. Didn’t get too many keepers but I liked how this one processed.
A 3 shot hdr with just a few adjustments to the tone curve in lightroom. Enlarging will give a better view of the details in this one.


12 thoughts on “Surface

  1. This is a great photo. What I find most interesting is that there are PEOPLE in it. If it were me taking the photo I’d be so bummed that I didn’t have the scenery all too myself. But what I see in your photo is that having people actually adds to the photo… gives it a sense of how this place is used and enjoyed. Thanks for the inadvertent lesson!

  2. Another wonderful HDR, Mike only one question, as the mauve tinge of the sky hasn’t shown in the reflected sky below the bridge, is it something you inserted or doesn’t that hue reflect well. Love having people in your shot, second question (I lied) I would need a one shot HDR, how do you deal with them moving in a triple?

    1. My guess is that it doesn’t reflect well with the color of the water, which was a green tone. Secondly, in a 3 shot hdr in which people are moving photomatix has a anti-ghosting feature that works fairly well. If not, I will use a mask in elements to eliminate it as best as possible.

  3. Just beautiful…the reflections are gorgeous! Love all of the soothing greens and that bright red jacket gives a little pop to the image…very nicely composed and processed!

  4. Mmmm…………..lovely reflections and lovely sky. I had the EXACT same reaction as Judi did – would have been ticked at those people who intruded on my photography. But, the lesson in your image is that they add life to it…..

  5. Such beauty on a chance outing! So cool! I love the colors and the reflection and your processing is just right for this photo. Love the sky.

  6. Beautiful shot and I did not see the people till I looked at the large view. Love the way you process all of your HDR work. When you say three shots are they +2, 0, -2.

  7. Beautiful image. Great reflection. The people add a great deal of interest. I admit I would have tried to wait until they were gone too. For me they really enhance my interest in the shot.

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