Distant 2

Themed 365 Project

Distant, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Back to this scene with a different composition. Not sure if I like this version or not, but I posted the first one dead center because I didn’t think the tree was a strong enough main subject and thought that the fence line would better lead the viewer to the main subject.
Do you think this accomplishes the same idea just not dead center?


9 thoughts on “Distant 2

  1. I think I still like the first version…my eyes go straight to the tree, in this one my eyes wander off to the background trees.

  2. I think the first one does it better…plus the light on both sides of the fences is really peaceful. And as Tammy says, the eyes go straight for the tree.. and the tree is interesting because it looks like it escaped the fences. (I might have said that before.)

  3. I should have known you would have the alternative view! I think I’m going to be in the minority, but this one works better for me in terms of composition. I like how my eye follows the fence from foreground to the tree then zigzags back following the fence to the line of trees beyond. That is the way I’d look at a landscape, with sort of a sweeping motion. With the centered composition, my brain gets stuck at the tree and doesn’t know where to go. I did prefer the light on the tree in the original image better though…

  4. I’m wishy-washy. Without going back to look at the other one again… I now this one better. I think Julie has a good point as to how one really looks at landscapes — the other one is goofier, which is what I like about that one.

  5. I like the first better. Everyone’s made very valid points. I think it’s just how each person views it and you’ll never get full agreement one way or the other. 😉

  6. I love this shot. I like this angle best. The one fence leads diagonally to the tree and leaves no doubt as to the subject. There is not too much here for the eye to follow. Both are great as the lighting is so terrific, but this is my favorite for sure!!

  7. I’m voting with Julie and Doris on this one. I had to enlarge it to really appreciate it but when I did so I found so much to interest the eye in the fence and the field beyond and the fence does a good job of leading the eye too.

  8. I like both. I think if they were side by side my eye would go first to the original. However I think I would linger longer on this one.

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