Themed 365 Project

Cool, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

This is a very mild one HDR that I processed with a high contrast feel. I wanted something to go with the nightster concept, something along the lines of the Dark Knight movie.
I maxed out the light tones and then decreased the dark and shadow tones in the tone curve adjustments in Lightroom.
The only thing I don’t like is the pollen specks that are noticeable when looking at the larger version.


7 thoughts on “Cool

  1. This is truly outstanding in my mind. I love the crispness of the contrast and the wonderful detail in this photo. The perspective is right on and the cropping is too! Super, super photo!

  2. This could be a poster for a movie…this is so sleek and what great tones! You can always clone out the specks in the bigger version! Another framer (your wall must be getting full)! 🙂

  3. I will forgive the B&W as it is a nightster, and I like how the pollen blends in with the chainlink fence reflection so that i thought it was all the fence. Next time I see a harley I will try to get a shot from a different angle to match this, but IT WILL BE IN COLOUR LOL

  4. I wondered if this was a sneaky ploy to get Ron to like a B&W shot. I really like it alot! The pollen specks looked like silver glitter specs in the paint to me. Nice processing and composition on this one.

  5. I’m with Karen, I thought the specks were meant to be there. It’s a terrific shot – love the black and white rendering – and I usually go ‘yawn’ when I see shots of motorcycles.

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