Complex Surfaces

Themed 365 Project

Complex Surfaces, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

I go back a bit for this shot and kill 2 themes at once…not bad. As I was walking around Princeton I was awed by all of the intricate architectural details of the buildings on this campus. HDR is absolutely the way to go when photographing these beautiful buildings.
This is a 3 shot hdr to even out the exposures mainly in the walkway. My goal was to maintain the authenticity of the scene and accentuate the details across the entire range of the shot.


12 thoughts on “Complex Surfaces

  1. I would say you achieved your goal nicely! I love that stairway leading up to that archway, the buildings on this campus are just gorgeous and your photography is really doing them justice!

    1. Now there is a quandry Mike, going by the Eave Lines I would have said that the tilt was to the left. Honestly leave it alone – it is great as is.

    2. I rotated in relation to the top step, I have to admit I wasn’t quite sure what part of the scene I should orient from.

  2. I’m so glad that Tammy mentioned the tilt first! I am trying to overlook it. Really.

    I do love how you can see right through the archway at a building on the other side. You are showing us the true value of HDR… as well as achieving your goals on this shot.

  3. Nothing like two themes in one! What a cool idea to blend the two. The brickwork is amazing and you really brought out the architecture with your processing.

  4. I’d say you succeeded! I like the building and tree you can see in the doorway of the enlarged image. I feel like it’s tilted slightly, as well.

  5. I really like how you captured the brickwork in the building. You really have a great talent with HDR. I confess though the tilt is a bit unsettling.

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