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Distant, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

This picture from an abandoned farm near my house shows fencing everywhere, as distant as the line of trees in the background. I wonder how much it cost to fence in this property. It’s a beautiful peace of land and for sale.
I really like the HDR in this shot, the result shows just how I pictured it that morning.


12 thoughts on “Distant

  1. Looks like a scene from here in the midwest! That morning light makes this scene just glisten…HDR is the perfect choice of processing for this image!

  2. Beautiful scene and PP. The lighting is super and HDR fabulos, and the composition with the fence diagonals leads ones eyes in to the scene and puts it all together.

  3. The enlarged image is really interesting. There is that tree in the middle of both fences… like it has escaped being contained. I like how your HDR processing still keeps it natural looking, yet more like a painting than a photograph. Nice.

  4. I love how you HDR processing. It enhances the image rather then becoming the focal point. This is beautifully done – nicely composed, great light and wonderful clarity. Love it!

  5. What beautiful light you captured and, as usual, the tone-mapping is wonderfully. I’m struggling to get comfortable with the composition though – it has an asymmetry in the treeline and in the broken down fencing in the close foreground that breaks the lovely symmetry of the main fencelines and the central tree. There must be some sort of weird connection in my brain that wants it either all symmetrical or all asymmetrical…..

  6. I’m not typically one for photos that have a subject directly in the center and/or a pathway right in the middle (I lean towards off-set images), however, this one is magnificent. I just love it and I feel like I could almost walk into this photo, lay in the grass and be at peace.

    1. Thanks Andrea, I will be posting another with the offset composition. Let me know what you think.

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