Peaceful 2

Themed 365 Project

Peaceful, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Decided to post the colored version of this to see what everyone thinks…..Vote color or B&W. Thanks


14 thoughts on “Peaceful 2

  1. I usually favor the black and white, but in this image I have to vote color…I love the natural tones in this, and what a perfect composition (even without the flock of birds) LOL

  2. The nerve of some people to make remarks about the B&W, LOL.

    I have admit that the color version gives warmth to the otherwise gloomy looking day. Nice capture mike!!

  3. I vote for the color shot too with this image. I find the warm sand and the contrast with the cool sky and water are enticing and it makes me want to be there. The black and white has a bit of isolated sadness that doesn’t pull me in the way this one does.

  4. I should have commented first on this one but IMHO the color version seems to add a sence of dimension or depth to the scene meaning I tend to focus on the foreground. While the Bl/Wh version is more peaceful and serene and my eye doesn’t stop at the fence line. Don’t know if I made any sense but you asked me.

  5. I like both versions as each has its own feeling and atmosphere. Both are soft because of the sky and the gentle winding of the fence. The b/w might have a little more lonely feel to it. The color is so cool because there is not too much color and it does add warmth. Just an awesome composition no matter how you look at it!

  6. I agree – color all the way! And I too think that what was missing was the color. The B&W makes me feel very sad, not so peaceful like the color, (which is probably my own connection to beach scenes). Both photos really are wonderful!

  7. Since I am a lover of B&W I thought it would be my favorite. But the color wins out this time. It is peaceful, soft, wispy, and absolutely stunning.

  8. I just commented on the black and white without seeing this version. I said that color would have ruined it for me. Now I have to eat my words. They are both equally beautiful. Well done, Mike.

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