Themed 365 Project

Peaceful, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

The lack of human element gives this scene a very peaceful feel but I also feel that something is missing. I wish a flock of birds would have flown over to fill up some of the sky. I don’t know, what do you think?

ISO 100



50 mm


11 thoughts on “Peaceful

  1. Birds would have been a bonus. The pic looks pretty nearly perfect as is. I thought perhaps doing a crop where you lose some of the sky but keep everything else, might work. Scrolling up and down on the screen gave me this idea… however, I’ve changed my mind. The big sky helps it make it feel more peaceful. Oh, and B&W really works on this photo. I have no need to question it this time!

    1. Karen Thanks for the invite but I already have 10-12 pix on that site. I noticed a few of your shots there as well.Look me up on there I have 1-2 editors picks with 6000+ views. I visit that site every day. Glad your getting into the HDR thing.  Mike

  2. Anytime you get to be one on one with nature it is truely peaceful, but taking a page out of Ron`s book, the B&W version makes me think I need to get an umbrella out, a little color would be nice.

  3. I guess a gull or something would have been a plus but I like this one as is. Curious why you chose a verticle on this one or is that the way you cropped it. I went to the ocean today but no luck they took all the snow fences down and the few shots I attempted ( of a boardwalk staircase) were for nil. I think the Bl/Wh adds a serene feeling to the scene.

  4. I love this, great shot, I found there were so many birds right at sun up at Myrtle that it made me feel kinda weird like the movie. But I can always get some great silhouettes as the sun’s coming up.

  5. In general I like your stuff. This shot is interesting. I’d be interested to know what you were thinking when you took it. I was surprised to see the title. Because the fence looks torn down, I thought it might have been after a storm. The clouds suggested something coming or just passed. Where was the shot taken – Atlantic side or Pacific?

    My site promotes California. I have a lot of my own shots there too – take a look.

    Love the blog title.

    Keep posting.

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