Themed 365 Project

Distant, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Seeing for miles on the deck of the pier shops in Atlantic City. I really like how the clouds lead the viewer out into the horizon.
Processing in Lightroom includes: Conversion to B&W, darkened the darks with the tone curve, decreased clarity for softened look, and applied a slight vignette.

f/6.7, iso 200, 1/4000 sec. and 19mm.


12 thoughts on “Distant

  1. Breathtakingly beautiful…I absolutely LOVE your processing on this one! With the clouds parting I half expect the sea to start parting too….dramatic and calming at the same time!

  2. Excellent photo for the theme and as you say the clouds lead you into the distance. I am curious as to why you chose B&W conversion for this one. Is it that the clouds showed up better in B&W? Or was it just a gray day and it is more dramatic in B&W? I do love the squiggly cloud, which I assume was improved by darkening the darks. (?) Hope you don’t mind all my questions.

    1. Thanks for asking Judi. As I looked at the shot I thought that I wanted it to be simple, yet slightly dramatic at the same time. Make sense? I don’t know, I find that I have an affinity towards B&W on certain shots and this is one of them. The slight darkening was to draw attention to these clouds. I also find myself drawn to a softer look as well hence the decreasing of clarity.
      I love the questions, keep them coming.

      1. That’s something I rarely think of doing… decreasing clarity… except when I’ve taken a bad photo and want to throw people off. But I can see that this is a good photo.. but softer. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer!

  3. I love your thinking on this one! The softness reflects in the clouds and the lines of clouds really bring out the perspective. Super shot and processing!

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