Passage of Time 2

Themed 365 Project

Passage of Time 2, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

This shot, although a slightly different perspective, was taken a few minutes later. Coloring and exposure is generally the same, cloud formation is different and slightly blurred due to the 8 sec. exposure.
Iso 100
8 second exp.


12 thoughts on “Passage of Time 2

  1. Amazing what a difference a few minutes makes when shooting sunsets and sunrises….these should all be framed as a trio…all are so peaceful and outstanding!

  2. There is a lot with photography that I’m still trying to grasp. I would have thought that the clouds would blur more with a 10 sec exposure as I would assume that they are moving… but you say they blurred more with 8 sec… how does that work?

    Not to mention that your eyes must be way better than mind since I don’t see the blur! But I guess if I had looked at as many photos as you did to sort out the best, I guess I’d see it.

    I’m glad that you shared this one… just so that we can see the difference that a few minutes can make.

  3. I’m speechless!! This series is breathtaking. The tones are fabulous and the reflections are remarkable. Your composition and being there at the perfect time have created some amazing images.

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