Passage of Time

Themed 365 Project

Passage of Time, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

My first post in a series for the theme “The Passage of Time” This is a 10 second exposure, taken at 5:55am this morning, utilizing my new B+W ND filter. I took several shots over the next 45 minutes or so experimenting with exposure times. I really like the look of these shots with the filter especially in the water, silky smooth. I think I’ll keep it!


17 thoughts on “Passage of Time

  1. This is timeless beauty at it’s best! The lighting, colors, silhouettes, and reflections all are picture perfect! Spectacular!

      1. My first thought was 5:55 – he’s crazy! The I realized that if I wanted the time to set up a shot like this that too time and patience the only way I’d be able to pull it off is if DH was still sleeping! Something to consider if it might yield something this wonderful.

  2. Beautiful colors and reflections. I keep going back to look again and again – that’s the other great part of photography. Not only can you show others what they missed, you can go back yourself to revisit the memory again and again. I see Tammy was pointing out those super silhouettes – you should add your link to the Mini-Assignment post too.

  3. What a fabulous series. One is better then the next one. Did you manual focus and on what point ? And where did you expose for? I tried this at a sunset a few times but had trouble with my focus, I’ll have to try again. With my film camera I had no problems only with the DSLR.

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