Themed 365 Project

Glow, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

The late afternoon sun gave this old bus/train depot a certain glow a few nights ago.
Typical 3x HDR with the following settings:
Strength- 100
Smoothing- Max
Micro Smoothing- 6.5
Highlights Smoothing- 60
Then Lightroom graduated filter for exposure on the bottom half.

8 thoughts on “Glow

  1. That glow is pretty amazing! And super tone mapping, as usual.

    Mike, do you ever get your exposures into Photomatix and find you just can’t do anything with them or do they always come out well? Curious, because I have a few I resurrected from last year’s archives and am finding I still can’t get them to work…

  2. That scene is just striking with that lighting…I haven’t had time to play w/ the HDR much and every time I see your images I want to play NOW!

  3. Mike – that is a wonderful show of the light — I love the HDR and I too have not had the time to play. It was great being in the same group with you. I’ve dropped out for the next session due to traveling for the next few months but I will be on as often as I can and will be posting. Sheila

  4. Terrific shot as per usual Mike but you could have given some credit to the full dumpster for the glow, looks like it has it’s own atmosphere.

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