Drawn In to HDR

Themed 365 Project

Drawn In, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

The bottom shot is the result of a combination of Photomatix HDR and Lightroom. I bracketed 3 shots to get varying levels of light to enhance  the main subjects.

It makes another rather mundane photo POP.

This is an elevator area at The Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City.

9 thoughts on “Drawn In to HDR

  1. Stupendous Mike, just like peeping out of the worlds clearest spy hole in the door of your luxutious Hotel Yoom, Is that back in the Bealaggio – High Roller?
    Love the difference.

  2. Just super – this is what HDR should do in my mind, highlight key areas without flattening out the image by removing the shadows. This shot is a perfect balance in my mind with the dark shadows left intact while letting the details shine. Nice job Mike!

  3. I love the comparison…it really shows how much more details in the shadows you get from an HDR and the color pop as well!

    1. Well, my settings for this shot in Photomatix were slightly different than most.
      Strength- 100
      Saturation- 52
      Luminosity- -.5
      Micro-contrast- 4.5
      Micro-smoothing- 6.7
      Highlights Smoothing- 0
      Smoothing- Max

      Lately I’ve been utilizing the Max setting, it seems to maintain some of the shadow area, along with retaining the details.
      Hope this helps.

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