Themed 365 Project

Light, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

There was just enough light to capture this shot. I don’t know there’s something about this tree in this small cemetery that says “take my picture”. I tried this in B+W but it doesn’t do anything for the sky.


8 thoughts on “Light

  1. That sky is lovely – it really does cry out for the color, just as the tree is demanding to be photographed too. A beautiful image – this would be an interesting scene to photograph at different seasons throughout the year.

  2. Now that is one heck of an image…that tree is almost haunting sitting there in the cemetery and the sky really adds some drama to the pic…also love the slight slope of the land!!

  3. I like Karen’s idea – one picture for each season would be very cool! I love the trees — whether they are in full bloom or just a stick figure – I think they call my name! Great job!

  4. I love that tree, and the gravestones are so sharp you can almost see the inscriptions, amazing sharpness. The mood in the picture is also great. The light and the colours too. All in all, a great image 🙂

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