Themed 365 Project

Four, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Inspired by Ron’s ship shots lately, I bring you this from beautiful Point Pleasant, New Jersey. I visit this place frequently and it never disappoints. I’m sure a good fish story can be told aboard these boats.


9 thoughts on “Four

  1. I don’t know if it is my place to speak up or not, much as this is a fabulous shot, I think the Laws governing Honesty in Advertising have come amiss, first off it was Bill showing a Red Bridge called Golden Gate, now you run the two Phrases, of Pleasant Point and New Jersey together. No I have seen all the Goodfella and Godfather movies, so how do you account for that conundrum?

    1. I do to Jens, but I made a fundamental error leaving my f stop at 2.8 and when I moved to the right all 4 boats were not in focus. Didn’t realize till I got home. I set it at 2.8 for the fast shutter speed but forgot about dof. Always learning………

  2. Great shot and such wonderful colors! I didn’t even notice the post until someone made the comment. Shows how observant I am in the morning! haha

  3. Nice strong colors, and I somewhat like Andrea, I was not cognizant of the post either – being late at night for me rather than early AM – LOL. I guess I was just too taken with the boats!

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