Active or Action

Themed 365 Project

Active, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

When I initially got to Princeton I heard quite a bit of chattering and cheering and if you’ve ever been to a softball game you know what I’m talking about. Comes to be that Princeton is playing Dartmouth in softball.
Intelligence and athleticism, not a bad combination.

7 thoughts on “Active or Action

  1. And what a time to walk up to the field…again, the black and white is perfect for this image…it draws the eyes right to the batter!

  2. Fantastic capture, Mike. You caught the swing just right and all the players are fully focussed on the batter. It’s so neat to see the young women looking like they’re enjoying themselves! I agree with Bobbie – in color the distractions here would have been bothersome. Great choice for black and white plus you’ve rendered it really well….

    1. Yes, these days it’s women in softball and men in baseball. Although there are men’s softball leagues, but for the kids they are separate.

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