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Beverage, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Although not a coffee drinker, I understand the beverages are pretty good at this establishment.
This is another shot that I really like as a B+W. The tones and the sky really work for me. I’m still debating whether or not to get Silver Efex Pro for B+W. BTW, this is a conversion in Lightroom. What’s on your short list of software?


10 thoughts on “Beverage

  1. It’s a shame you don’t live in Australia, we have really colourful Starbucks over here! Next you will be photographing the Painted Desert in black and white, Sacrilige I say Sacrilige.

  2. Love the angle of the shot and the sky makes it that much more dynamic…the tones in the black and white are great! I would like the silver effex pro as well, but would like it on sale LOL

  3. I like the dramatic angle too – very nice perspective, and I think the B&W is perfecct. It would just be an ordinary sign in color, but the B&W gives it a timeless quality – almost like something taken back in the 40’s.

  4. Agree on the b&w, angle & sky…I imagine it only green if there was color, (not sure what the Australian Starbucks look like). As far as software, I have Elements, but hardly use it. I work mostly in Photoshop CS3 (I think its 3) and I don’t do much even in there.

  5. I like your rendition and Karen is right, the black and white does make it timeless. As for software, if someone gave me Silver Efex Pro or Nik Color Efex Pro or CS5, I’d guess I’d be in pig heaven! But, on the other hand, I’m pretty happy with my low-rent Lightroom 2/PSE8 combination and can’t wait for LR3 to be released.

  6. Mike, I’m a diehard Starbucks coffee drinker and this is the most gorgeous Starbucks sign I’ve ever seen!! Your perspective is dramatic highlighted by the wonderful B&W tones.

    You posted photographs that you processed with the Silver Effex Pro trial version. Based on your stunning results I downloaded the trial and then bought it. I am very pleased with the results I’m getting but then again I’m just beginning to learn LR2 so I really don’t have anything to compare it with.

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