Light 3a

Themed 365 Project

Light 3a-2, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Ron asked for a cropped version of my last version of this shot so our minds must SOMETIMES think alike because when I took this scene I wasn’t sure exactly where to take this shot from, so I took some from all different lengths. This one is at a focal length of 17 and the last one was from 29mm.
Is this better? What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Light 3a

  1. Seems more of a statement on the Arch and what it leads to, however on the other hand I would also like to see a lot more of the stonework than the last shot showed, but I understand that would completely minimize the importance of what is at the end of the Arch, Can’t have everything can you – Even in HDR, which DOES Give MORE not less.

  2. I prefer the previous shot as it gives it more of a sense of location and I like how the arch frames the interior. The cropped shot seems too cut off for my liking, although I might like it closer so you had the sense of being right in the arch, looking up at the stonework.

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