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Angles, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

These shots are of the oldest building at Princeton University, Nassua Hall. At the time it was built, in 1754, it was the largest building in New Jersey. It was used for classrooms, offices a chapel amongst other things. This building also served as the first meeting place of the NJ legislature in 1776.

This building also suffered much damage during the Battle of Princeton in 1777, when the British took possession of it and George Washington and his troops had to fire upon it to reclaim it and defeat the British.
Buried in the center of the circle is a cannon and the interesting story of the Rutgers/Princeton Cannon War  can be found here.


9 thoughts on “Angles

  1. Another architectural delight…both images are stunning…love the vine covered front of the building, but also enjoy the perspective of the second image…the angles bring interest! Beautiful processing!

  2. The second shot grabs me more as it gives a lot more of an impression of what the building is like, as opposed to the flat Head on shot, so having got my likes out of the way, a question sil vous plait?
    Obvious;y taken within minutes of each other, and both HDR, Why is the sky so much more dynamic in the second shot? Is it because the trees in the first are so evenly spaced and spread in the first shot and there is an area of just sky in my favourite?

  3. I’m glad you noticed Ron, because it was something that was bothering me too. At the last minute I adjusted the contrast and when I did that it bumped up the saturation. I will have to go back in and tweak it.
    That’s the kind of critique I’m looking for, the only way to get better. Thanks.

    1. So it isn’t the greater number and hieght of the trees that effects the sky’s appearance just contrast, strange.

      1. Ron, yes, if you ever increase contrast of an image enough you will notice more saturation, just as if you purposely under exposue a shot by a stop or two you will notice the colors are more pronounced! I f I understand what your saying….. Mike

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