Themed 365 Project

Action, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

These 2 tigers are poised for action in this shot on the campus of Princeton University.
I feel like I’m getting closer to the point where you can’t tell if my shots are HDR or not, what do you think? Do I have a ways to go or is it pretty good?

5 thoughts on “Action

  1. I love your natural technique to HDR…I think you are THERE!! I want to go to Princeton now so bad…what photo ops! Love the perspective you shot this at…the building looks very powerful!

  2. Well first of all I think you’ve been watching the Harry Potter movies a bit too much, expecting the tigers to jump into action… but I would say the HDR is very, very close. If I knew nothing of HDR I don’t know that I’d question the photo at all, but since I’m looking for it in your shots I find myself wanting just a tad more shadow. It seems a bit too evenly lit to my eyes, in particular the two lush trees in the middle depth on the left and right. I think I’d like to see them just a bit more shadowed to help with the depth.

  3. Great perspective and I’d say you are spot on at making it look like it looked. Not that I’ve been there but making an image that shows what we see seems to be the very worthy goal of HDR.

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