Themed 365 Project

Parts, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

This is the “downbeach” section of Atlantic City as seen from the observation deck of the Pier Shops at Caesars Palace. The Tropicana and Hilton Casinos are off in the distance.
This picture was taken after our latest Noreaster that dropped 5 inches of rain to most of NJ, people were flocking outside after being held captive indoors for 3 days.
Atlantic City is home of the “first” boardwalk ever built in 1870 and it’s also the inspiration for the best selling board game of all time. Anyone care to take a guess?


8 thoughts on “Parts

  1. Gorgeous composition, I love the view you chose to take of this…that sky looks so dimensional!!

  2. Must be “Never Give a Sucker an even Break”, cause the Original Monopoly was based on the City of London U.K. The world financial capital at the time. Great image though!

  3. I love shots like this…I have a few myself of St. Pete Beach in Florida. So much texture… a mixture of hard and soft subjects and so many layers.

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