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The Borgata Concierges Desk, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

It is said that light makes the picture and it certainly helps with this shot. A little bit of color goes a long way too, I think.
Anyway, this is the Concierges desk at The Borgata and the woman here helped us with directions to a great Italian eatery in Atlantic City. Angelo’s Tavern restaurant, comes to be, is a landmark in Atlantic City. They offer traditional Italian dishes with fantastic sauce, even the meatballs were excellent. Now you know it must be good.

9 thoughts on “Light

  1. Another really cool image…love those colors above the desk and all of the fine details in the walls…love how the lighting makes certain parts of the image glow!

  2. Beautiful light, to be sure, and the reflections are incredible. I like the even colors. Too bad they had to place those showcases on either side – they are a bit distracting too me…

  3. Such a great picture!! Makes me want to visit the Borgata! Did you use a tri-pod? (I’m thinking it may have been the only way considering the low light level – at least for me, anyway, I have shaky hands).

    1. No tripod, I actually placed the camera on top of a table in the center of the foyer. That’s why I had to crop it so tight!

      1. ahhh.
        taking another look at this, i love how the entryways glow. i think i could stare at this picture for a long time. haha

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