Old Fashioned

Themed 365 Project

Old Fashioned, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

This is the Craig House, it was used as a hospital for British Troops during the Revolutionary War. It’s located in Freehold New Jersey.
This is an 3 shot HDR ,converted to sepia followed with an added texture. I hope that this processing enhances the already old fashioned feel of the shot.


8 thoughts on “Old Fashioned

  1. Wow! This is outstanding. The composition is perfect as is the sepia. You really have to click for the larger view to realize a texture has been applied but I do think it is a fine touch.

  2. I agree on the processing – it really works. Ditto on Julie’s comment about the composition – that was the frist thing I noticed with the perfect balance between the building and the tree but my favorite part is the rustic old fence.

  3. I feel like I have stepped back in time…the sepia tones and texture really really adds to the antique feel of this!

  4. This is very nice. Looks like it came from a revolutionary war museum. I agree with Karen – I love the fence. Those were much more common in those days.

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