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Unexpected, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Unexpected because I thought that the squirrels had dug up the bulbs this winter. I’m always trying to find foolproof perennials that require very little work for me. Everything I ever put in the ground seems to to be eaten, stolen or just MIA. Anyone have any suggestions for such kind of flowers, bushes, etc. for the northeast?


6 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. What color! It’s gorgeous!

    My husband’s realm is the garden, but I know that he always dumps a box or two of bloodmeal on the bulbs to keep the squirrels away. Also, daffodil bulbs taste bad so they stay away from those. Lastly, having a terrier helps so I’ll loan you mine for a while (I could use the peace and quiet!) 😉

  2. I have that problem here in the midwest….last year voles (not moles) ate all of the roots of my perennials…so I treated the area and replanted, curious to see if they came back this year!

    What a gorgeous bloom, the color is to die for!

  3. A very pleasant unexptected one. At least for us here in the north of Scandinavia where we still have quite a lot of snow on the ground. Maybe daffodils, they don’t seem to be as popular with the wild animals.
    Not sure if a border collie helps, we don’t seem to have too much trouble with bulb stealing beasts and I have two, of the border collies that is.

  4. Beautiful bloom and photo – I can almost smell the heavenly scent. Daffodils are typically avoided by animals and the bloodmeal powder that was already suggested is supposed to help too. The other solution I’ve heard is to dig a large hole, place the bulbs, fill the dirt up to the top and then lay over a large piece of chicken wire. The bulbs will grow upward through the wire cage but the theiving little squirrels will meet up with resistance when digging. Now if you have a solution to keeping them from snapping off the heads of my tulips just before they are ready to bloom….. I’m listening!

  5. Your hyacinth is lovely and a good bet to be left alone and keep coming back. As a gardener for hire I have a long involved fantasy of the perfect holographic garden. Until I perfect it just keep supporting local nurseries 😉

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