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Disorder, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

There is a Coast Guard Station on Sandy Hook and about the only building that’s accessible is this garage. The arrangement of this stuff screams disorder.
Initially I thought it would be a great HDR opportunity but other than the brick at the top I’m not crazy about the rest. I’ll have to go back and create something better.

10 thoughts on “Disorder

  1. I agree that the bricks at the top are nice and I like the wood of the ceiling too. I have a mixed feelings about the rest of it. Part of me is leaning towards saying I yearn for a more realistic look and another part of me likes the graphical qualities of it – like a lithograph.

  2. I’m with Karen on this one….I like the more realistic HDR’s, but with all the disorder in this one the strong processing works!

  3. My only problem is it’s so darn disorderly! It’s kind of like going into my daughter’s room! πŸ˜‰

    As for the processing, I like the bricks and ceiling and most of all the light streaming in through the doorway. I just think there is too much brightness in the lower front area. I’d say decrease the exposure in the machinery/equipment and increase the contrast.

  4. Actually, I really like this one. It wasn’t the brick that caught my eye, but the details caught in all the eclectic items in the garage. I could see this an an illustration in one of those Hidden Item books.

  5. You must have done it wrong Mike, as I love it AS IS! If that isn’t the same as Degas would have turned out I will eat my Memory chips, with a little salt and barbeque sauce. That is really good art, not photography – ART!

  6. i very much like this photo…the color of the wall makes it an intiguing place to snoop about for treasures buried in the disorder.
    well done πŸ˜‰

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