Blue- Sunrise: Sandy Hook

Themed 365 Project

Sunrise- Sandy Hook, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Color temperature, as we know, leans towards the blues in the early hours of the day. This sunrise in Sandy Hook is no exception.
I gave this shot an abstract look with a underpainting filter and some negative adjustments in clarity. I think it definitely shows better larger, so please click directly on it to see more of the filter effect.


4 thoughts on “Blue- Sunrise: Sandy Hook

  1. I like your filters and adjustments, they really make it interesting. Great shot. There is something good about getting up early and capturing a great sunrise.

  2. This is the best as the layers just seem to go on and on, even the rflections are layers within layers. a stupendous photograph, a real thinking man’s shot.

  3. hi mike, nice photo of the beach and sunset. yesterday was my first time there that i can remember and i live in NJ. how sad is that.

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