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Thin, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

This is a picture of my oldest daughter at a recent dance competition in Atlantic City NJ. She is a fantastic dancer and I enjoy watching her perform. She’s a very well rounded kid, involved with everything from student counsel, art club, basketball, softball and obviously dance. I’m proud to be her father….. and yes we share the same body type as well as a ferocious appetite. You’d never know it.

Oh and sorry I haven’t been commenting lately, I’ve been under the weather for the last 4-5 days, finally decided to get an antibiotic today and should be better shortly.


6 thoughts on “Thin

  1. Nothing thinner than a dad trying to find an excuse to brag about his little girl, LOL. I think it great that you and she have matching outfits, Mike. Maybe you should think of teaming up with Regularman Bill and do a duet, you with the bobby sox and him the fishnet stockings. Get well soon buddy and try a couple of zinc capsules to supplement the Antibiotics, helps, I know.

  2. Sorry that you have been under the weather. Nothing worse than spring flue. And as far as you daughter and you, good for you to be so supporting of her and her interests.

  3. Not only does beauty run in the family, but talent too! Gorgeous pic of your daughter doing something she obviously loves! She looks and sounds like a daughter well worth you praise! 🙂

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