Themed 365 Project

Metal, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

This could have gone under the unexpected theme as well because I never would have thought that I would come across someone with a metal detector at the beach in the middle of a harsh northeast winter. I usually see these guys during the crowded summer months scouring the beaches after everyone has left for the day. But then again, valuable items can wash up on shore any day, I guess.

12 thoughts on “Metal

  1. Mike, what gorgeous images! I enjoyed looking through your blog. We’ll be blogging in the same group, so I’m looking forward to following you. You inspire me….gotta get out there and make some pretty pictures!! LindaW

  2. What a unique beach scene, something you don’t see very often…what great clarity and tones! I love how you captured the image w/ the surf coming in! Brilliant capture!

  3. Looks very cool for that kind of job.
    Great waves and footsteps in the sand reminds me of much warmer days…… As a total amateur Im so impressed of your work and now in the same group I will be a better follower

  4. I agree this is unusual. The shoreline/beach of the northern gulf coast does change some during the winter so maybe different depths of sand are available for him.

    My bet is this is his Christmas present or he has been successful before.

  5. This is a great picture in so many ways. The perspective is good. The water frozen in mid-wave is great. I love your processing and the tones are perfect for the image. He looks cold to me.

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