Religion or Faith

Themed 365 Project

Religion or Faith, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

I finally got to go out this morning for some shooting. I found this outside St. Dennis’ Church in Manasquan, I believe. I tried to give it a slight dreamy look not sure if it worked.
This is a 3 shot HDR processed in Photomatix and finished in Lightroom. May have to give it another go when I have more time. Enjoy the end of the weekend.

Some of you may have seen this shot already, I actually posted it yesterday not realizing it was still February. Then realized I could pull it back as a draft and automate the posting for the 1st of March.


4 thoughts on “Religion or Faith

  1. I really like the warmth in this shot. That seems to be something I’ve noticed in many HDR shots is how the color seems to have a warm intensity. I’m with Jens – too bad we can’t lose the power lines. I often think that as I drive around Long Island.

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