Themed 365 Project

Alone, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

I found this one from my last trip to Sandy Hook in Jan. It seems so long ago. We’ve had 3 major snowstorms since then and I’m going crazy!!! It’s too damn cold to go out and shoot and I’m running out of indoor projects.
Anyway, I found this guy for one of my first shots of the day. It’s amazing you still find people at the beach in the middle of the winter, nonetheless a fisherman.

I don’t know, this looks awfully dark after I posted it online!


7 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Mike has gone over to the dark side. LOL I agree that the darkness fits the mood. Nice job. I think fishermen live by the same motto as do mailmen.

  2. The darkness adds to this dramatic sky…I don’t think you would want this any other way…I like how the details still shine through!

  3. The lines in your composition are tremendous. First the bent grasses draw my eye upwards towards the center and then the lines formed by the surf and sand lead me back toward the gorgeous rising sun. Perfection!

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