What is That?

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What is That?, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Other than the obvious, you give up?
This is the visitors center at the Manasquan Reservoir in my hometown of Howell NJ. Many of my pictures emanate from this beautiful spot. It’s part of the Monmouth County Parks System and is visited by thousands of people each year. Boating, fishing, biking and jogging are the main recreational activities but more importantly, with a 4 billion gallon water capacity and a maximum depth of 40′, the reservoir can supply up to 30 million gallons of water a day to many towns in central New Jersey.

On another note, I am utilizing a trial of Nik software’s Silver Effects Pro and wow this programs conversions to B+W are amazing. Comparing my conversion(from Lightroom) to Niks is like night and day.
Anyone else use this program or have any coupon codes for this software?


12 thoughts on “What is That?

  1. I think I had the right answer to the what is it.( Ya right.) The image looks awesome Mike. Will have to look that software up, hopefully some one can come with a code.

  2. That is exactly what I was going to guess it was, and in those words too, but I agree with Mary Lou, breathtaking is an understatement, I can’t even complain about The B7W as that has so much life jumping out of it, the colour would be superfluous. Bloody Great Shot Cobber!

  3. This black and white is incredible…love the contrast between the lights and the darks (now I have to check out more software yet)! ugh!

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